Making the complex simple. TrackTrans WMS is a flexible, cloud-first warehouse management solution that delivers visibility across your supply chain.

Designed to manage, control and optimise all aspects of your inventory, order and logistics management across multiple warehouses, depots and through your distribution and field network.

It improves the efficiency of your distributed inventory management, by optimising business processes, removing error-prone paperwork and automating common warehouse tasks.

Safeguard field supplies; when and where needed

Ensure your field operators, contractors and partners always have the inventory and supplies that they need, when and where they need it, saving you time and money.

Visibility across your operations

Optimized for the complex, ever changing world of field inventory, TrackTrans WMS tracks inventory across your distributed warehousing, transit and field operations, ensuring you always have 100% visibility of inventory across your operations. Save time and money by making error-free, on time deliveries and improve your customers’ experience by providing real-time tracking of inventory so you can keep your customers informed every step of the way.

Granular control of consignments

Track full and split consignments to item level. Enhance accuracy with the granular control of multi-level SKUs, pack configurations to pallet, carton, inner & item level plus full serial and lot traceability.

Improve efficiency, utilisation and performance

Eliminate error-prone paperwork and optimise inventory processes by automating common warehouse tasks. Access critical information for decision making with customisable dashboards. Enjoy error-free inventory control with bar-code & RFID scanning integration.

Reduce losses and maximise returns

Manage returns and part returns as part of your commissioning and decommissioning field operations. Reduce losses, optimise resale values and maximise recycling opportunities with reverse logistics, return tracking and product recall functionality.

Hassle-free flexibility

Mobile access and a Cloud-first approach delivers hassle-free flexibility, comprehensive system security, pain-free updates, mobile access and rapid, secure recall of data wherever you are.

Next generation of integrated delivery management

See how TrackTrans WMS transforms distributed field management.

Warehouse Management

Manage receiving, picking, packing and shipping of inventory. Optimise the best location for storing items in your warehouses and depots based on customisable features such as demand frequency, lead time, picking velocity, volume, weight, pallet type, proximity and more. Automate the picking process based on customisable criteria.

Inventory Management

Complete inventory control and visibility across multiple warehouses, depots, trunking for in the field. Total flexibility to track multiple levels of SKU and varied consignment pack configurations. Ability to handle full and part consignments, returns and product recalls. Real-time inventory control of stock-levels, lots and field inventory.

Order Management

Automate and manage order processing from third-party systems and create fulfilment plan. Integrate with clients’ enterprise systems with pre-built connectors for paper-free order processing. Automatic ordering of replenishment inventory based on stock-levels. Track stock across warehouses, depots, by SKUs.


Allocate inventory using flexible shipping rules (tailorable by client) including load consolidation, automated multi-stop routing and optimisation, paperless proof of collection and delivery, real-time inventory tracking and self-serve customer-portals for visibility and traceability.

3PL/4PL Management

Customisable features for 3PL/4PL providers allows rapid onboarding of new clients. Field inventory management tracks inventory through the supply chain. Mobile app and online portal for field-based contractors to access real-time tracking of inventory. Pre-built connectors deliver rapid integration with enterprise systems. Flexible electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) track down to last-mile deliveries.

System Administration

Full control of user authentication and access rights. Create, control and manage multiple variables including warehouses, depots, customers, packing units, SKUs, product parameters, exceptions and so much more.

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