Vehicle Logistics – transportation, collection, delivery and inspection.

TrackTrans has been specifically designed for businesses that work in the movement and management of vehicles.

TrackTrans can schedule, distribute & complete vehicle collections, deliveries and inspections.

Custom designed ePOC/ePOD forms can be used to complete the work including information relating to all peripheral items, defect reports and safety information required to transport vehicles both old and new.

Designed to work with single and multi-vehicle transporters, as well as platers and inspectors, TrackTrans even manages driver availability with a simple SMS system. Messages are sent to all drivers to confirm availability allowing planners to compile a schedule via the unallocated jobs screen or the visual map planner.

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Case Studies

Swinson Transport

Swinson Transport is a family run haulage company based in the Midlands. "We have found the perfect partnership with the people and technology at TrackTrans."