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The Benefits of TrackTrans Cloud-based, SaaS platform

Cloud-based and deployed using a Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) approach, TrackTrans takes care of everything for you, allowing you to focus on your business operations and future development.

This Cloud-first, SaaS-based approach delivers compelling advantages.

You only need a browser to access TrackTrans

As Cloud–first technology, you access TrackTrans through a browser – you don’t need expensive servers making it quick and easy to get up and running.

Further, TrackTrans offers total flexibility for your staff in their day-to-day work. If for example, they need to access any information or documents while they’re away from the office – with the correct security and authentication – they can easily access your ‘virtual-Cloud-office’ whenever needed through mobile and web-enabled devices.

Always available. Always secure

With our Cloud-based approach, TrackTrans are specialists in ensuring your most important information is always accessible and safely backed up with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure 24-7-365 availability. Having received both ISO27001 and ISO900 from the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), TrackTrans is trusted and highly secure - this means that you can rest assured knowing that your data is in the safest of hands.

SaaS-approach - saving you money

Unlike traditional on-premises systems, TrackTrans’ Cloud-first solution offers considerable savings in your company’s IT costs. There’s no need to purchase, maintain and manage expensive servers and infrastructure. Instead, TrackTrans handles everything for you.

Further, we use a SaaS pricing model for all the TrackTrans platform modules. Usage is charged monthly, with costs priced on the amount of service you use. In short, you only pay for what you use in the month; there’s no up-front capital cost and the monthly subscription is typically paid from your operational budget, helping improve your cash flow and deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI).

Meeting your business needs

Business flexibility is key in the fast-changing world of distribution and transportation and TrackTrans offers the ultimate in flexibility.

The very latest features and functions across the TrackTrans transport and logistics platform are always at your fingertips. TrackTrans manages everything for you, you don’t need to worry about the maintenance of your hardware or software. Instead, TrackTrans ensures it is always fully up to date.

Of course, no system operates in isolation so it’s key that TrackTrans seamlessly integrates with other applications already deployed in both your own business and potentially your clients’ systems. TrackTrans has a library of off-the-shelf integrations with many popular ERP and financial packages and any new integrations that may be required are quick and easy to build.

TrackTrans’ Cloud approach also offers you high degrees of scalability, making it ideal as your business grows or if you have fluctuating needs. You can seamlessly scale the services up or down as you adjust to seasonal variations or growth spikes, giving you the ultimate in business flexibility.

Get up and running fast

Accessible via most internet browsers, with simple mobile applications available for download - there are no heavy-duty installations with TrackTrans. TrackTrans is easy to implement and offers rapid deployment that can have you up and running, often in a matter of days!

Of course, digitizing your business requires careful planning prior to the deployment of a new transport and logistics solution, and TrackTrans’ unique customizability enables it to adapt to your operation with minimal configuration.

Quick to deliver a return

With lower up-front costs, faster time to benefit through rapid implementation and quicker access to crucial business insights - TrackTrans drives a swift return on investment, measured in weeks rather than years.

Cloud-based, SaaS-platform – the future

TrackTrans’ Cloud-based, SaaS approach delivers all the advantages of enterprise-strength solutions without the overheads and costs.

Logistics, transport and distribution companies of all sizes are already benefiting from the flexibility, business control and operational visibility offered by TrackTrans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most businesses realise that manually sifting through hundreds of proof of delivery documents is completely unnecessary in today’s digital world. Producing paperwork, getting it to your drivers and hoping that the signatures aren’t lost on route is an administrative nightmare, time-consuming and prone to errors.

This is why the implementation of ‘sign on glass’ technology in the form of electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) is transforming how many logistics companies are now addressing this challenge.

Yet there is a distinct market divide between the functionality offered by different ePOD systems. On one hand, there are those who provide a condensed, more traditional system; simple but limited in their capability. On the other, there are applications like TrackTrans Mobile ePOC/ePOD that offer a multi-functional, intuitive, highly customisable experience specifically tailored to your business and its customers.

What is an ePOD?

A proof of delivery (or POD) previously took the form of a piece of paper or docket signed by the buyer, confirming the arrival of a shipment. Conversely, a proof of collection (POC) did the same thing but at the point of collection.

ePOC and ePOD allow for field data collection without the use of paper and has enhanced the customer experience and reduced operational costs for couriers, logistics providers and retailers.


Unfortunately, flexible ePOD systems are in a sparse community, with many on the market lacking the true customisability to accommodate all customer requirements.

Thankfully, TrackTrans Mobile ePOD solution has been built specifically with flexibility in mind and enables businesses to configure the workflow for each customer drop and to provide seamless integration with clients’ backend systems.

Our application can be shaped to suit every scenario; notably, businesses that transport products of considerable value have found our proof of collection (POC) feature to be invaluable. Photographs, videos and supporting notes can be taken and uploaded to the software at the point of collection, helping prove that any potential damage occurred prior to your company’s inception of the item.

Hauliers know all too well that clients are diverse regarding their specific requirements. Built from firsthand industry experience, TrackTrans gives companies the option to tailor an operation to suit a particular customer. Our Transport Management System (TMS) can also provide a seamless information flow by integrating directly with your client’s backend system.

Best of all, our solution situates the client firmly in the driving seat, via a flexible customer portal. Providing top quality service by giving clients access to real-time delivery tracking, plus a host of other industry-leading ePOD capabilities.

Use your own mobile device

When ePOD systems were first introduced, rugged handheld devices were used to capture electronic signatures. Nowadays, forward-thinking developers are offering compatibility with Android and iOS – allowing businesses to run their ePOD from most smartphones.

Once installed on your driver’s handset, TrackTrans can harness the impressive hardware offered by most iPhones and Android devices. Signatures, photos, videos, and forms can be captured with absolute ease.

Of course, with mobile devices potentially holding sensitive personal information, issues around data privacy and regulation are key considerations. For this reason, TrackTrans’ ePOD is infused with the highest level of security, being fully compliant with ISO 9001 and 27001. This attention to detail runs through TrackTrans’ entire family of products, for example, no personal data is stored locally on utilised devices, so drivers can only see the actions or tasks they need to see.

Instant Tracking

TrackTrans ePOD allows the status of deliveries to be tracked across every step of the journey. And we’ve taken this visibility to new levels with the provision of self-serve customer portals configured to the requirements of each of your customers, allowing them to track all their deliveries in real time. This instant access to key information, combined with the dramatic reduction in the potential for errors through the integration of TrackTrans with your clients’ backend systems streamlines the supply chain and drives new levels of customer satisfaction.

Insight at Your Fingertips

TrackTrans TMS provides all the business reports you need to track, control and run your distribution business. By setting up dashboards with the precise information you need, you’ll be able to track a wide range of key metrics. Which jobs are still pending for billing and how much you still must pay. Exactly where stock is down to item level, what and where are returns in the supply chain. What work is being sub-contracted and at what cost.

In short, at the press of a button, TrackTrans TMS delivers a series of eye-opening reports and business insights to these and many more questions you need to monitor every day to help you optimize your business. So, if you’re tracking supply chain and logistics budgets for a client who suddenly demands an urgent update or you have a management meeting unexpectedly called for the morning, you can automatically generate reports of key performance indicators to incorporate in your reviews.

Get Better at What You Do

Running a transport and logistics business, tracking all your assets whether it be people, trucks or premises whilst at the same time keeping all your customers happy, can feel like an impossible task.

TrackTrans TMS will take a massive slug of this administrative burden off your plate and help you improve efficiency. For example, integrating TrackTrans TMS with your clients’ job allocation systems immediately removes any potential errors from manual keying plus the automated planning and scheduling that would take hours if attempted manually, is completed in seconds.

Additionally, sophisticated algorithms plan the most efficient way to reach a destination whilst all the information regarding locations, route changes and additional directions is automatically sent to your drivers’ mobiles and can be updated in real time.

The benefits of integration don’t stop there; the TrackTrans platform includes modules for things like warehouse management capabilities built in and can also integrate direct to your clients’ enterprise warehouse management systems. This ensures that both you and your clients have full visibility of items across the supply chain and enables you to track returns, manage multiple and pop-up depots with ease.

Additionally, electronic proof of delivery systems (ePOD) also plays a massive role in improving the efficiency of your transport operation. When seamlessly integrated with the TMS, the benefits are further magnified. You can send accurate consignment details directly to your drivers. Arrival times, waiting time, POD time and date with printed and Facsimile signatures are collected electronically and seamlessly synchronised with head office so that you can track your business in real time across every delivery, validating collections, managing returns and automatically invoicing jobs when they’re completed, and all electronically without a single sheet of paper to get lost or have to file.

Tune Every Leg of Journey

TrackTrans TMS allows you to track and tune every part of your business, for example providing standardised costings for every leg of the journey and immediate access to analytics helping you further reduce freight spend and drive efficiencies. You can even have internal tariffs to compare with actuals and any exceptions will be automatically flagged. Additionally, TrackTrans TMS integrates automatically with a range of ‘Return Loads Marketplaces’ to help you make money on return trips.

Track Your Assets

The biggest costs in a transport business are typically your trucks, your drivers and fuel. Plus, if you run a warehouse operation either directly or as part of a supply chain project for your clients, then warehousing and premises. Selecting TrackTrans TMS will ensure you can track all these assets, running for example automatic asset depreciation calculations across any physical equipment like trucks, vans, trailers and fork-lift and providing resource management of both people and equipment ranging from holidays, hours and driver-certifications to vehicle checks and maintenance, while automated route planning optimises delivery planning and minimises distance travelled, hence fuel bills.

Any Time, Any Location

Cloud computing is fast becoming the bedrock of digital transformation and is revolutionizing how modern TMS solutions are delivered. Unlike on-premises systems, Cloud First TMS offers considerable savings – there’s no need to purchase, maintain and manage expensive servers and infrastructure. Instead, TrackTrans takes care of everything for you. Additionally, with the correct security and authentication, your staff can access information or documents while they’re away from the office whenever they need to through mobile and web-enabled devices.

Release Notes

Release Type

New Features

  • Auto Packing of BOMs
  • Customer Specific Development Requests
  • Various reporting enhancements


  • Mileages not populating correctly
  • Load rollback issue
  • Invoice preview PDF issue
  • Various reporting issues

New Features

• Added Wheelbase / Weight to Vehicle Details section within jobs
• Added option for POD emails to only send when the parent job is completed
• Added LCV descriptions to jobs
• New Depot Transfer button added to Unallocated Jobs screen
• Upgrade to Packing screen for BOM’s where inners are shown at a sub-level


Bug Fixes

• Quickbooks zero VAT fix
• SWC not being able to remove ‘Problem Code’ fix
• Transport Schedule Report fix
• Fix to prevent double clicking ‘Ok’ button within the ‘Consolidate’ screen and causing packing issue
• Collections Report fix
• Credit notes issue fix
• ‘Phone user removed from load’ job movement fix
• Fixed issue with Photo List GPS display

Bug Fixes

  • Auto-planned loads now correctly display the Delivery Address on the Load Search screen
  • Fixed a bug to do with more than one app layout being set against a single customer
  • Increased field length of Delivery Reference on Delivery Notes to 20 characters to match the limit in the job creation screen
  • SWCs are now prevented from removing problem codes on jobs once they have been set
  • ERFs cannot be changed once committed

New Features

  • Improved Auto-Planning features, allowing full driver and subcontractor plans to be uploaded straight into TrackTrans Loads
  • New POD PDF format which includes all photos taken
  • Allow linking of Vehicle Check Sheets with vehicles rather than only drivers
  • Adblue section added to Vehicle Check Sheets
  • Cut button on Load screen which allow Cut & Paste, as well as the already existing Copy & Paste
  • Significant speed up to Load screen loading time, especially when many jobs are present


Bug Fixes

  • Multiple fixes to Vehicle Check sheets
  • Fixed error when trying to unload a trunk via a scanner
  • Tidied up formatting on Trunk Loading List PDF
  • Bank holidays now show correctly on the holiday planner
  • Fixed holiday planner doubling of Sundays which occurred when the clocks changed
  • Fixed concurrency issue with Invoice Credit Notes
  • Fixed issue with Unknown location showing on the Map Tracker
  • Driver check off form updated to allow capture of amount of fuel added
  • Job edits to the master job now filter down to leglets
  • Fixed issue with planning Via Depot jobs on the map planner
  • Fixed bug with Vehicle Checks report display
  • Fixed an issue where VARIOUS manifests were not automatically POD’d
  • Increased maximum limit of job group counter
  • Added a sub-category for reason for abort
  • Enabled BOM grouping on SWC FSL Stocks, SWC STK and TTO reports
  • Fixed bug with blind stock scanning cancelled jobs
  • Fixed issue with reassign jobs creating duplicates
  • Fixed an issue with no VAT invoices linking to QuickBooks
  • Fixed an issue with Credit note values being put against invoices

New Features

  • ‘Tick All’ button on the Pre-Advice screen allows you to trunk all consignments with a single click
  • ‘Paste’ button on the Pre-Advice screen to allow copy and pasting jobs from the unallocated jobs screen
  • Added a new column to the Abort report
  • Improvements to leglet management: ability to view whole process from within leglet job view, and quantity and reference changes to the master job update all leglets
  • Route Templates now correctly show only in the depot which they belong to
  • Dimensions (selected via the Dim button on the job screen) now populate into the Instructions for the job and are visible to the driver
  • Improved the Auto-Routing function to allow the user to select the routing parameters themselves


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Hubs list not downloading onto the phone app
  • Fixed issues with the auto-routing on the map planner
  • Fixed a bug with ‘Not Required’ and ‘Faulty’ movements not updating in select situations
  • Fixed issue with Reassigned SWC jobs

New Features

  • Unallocated Jobs Improvements
    • New ability to generate/print labels in bulk
    • Column headers are now fixed at the top when scrolling, improving clarity
    • Hover over for Qty column which shows all items for that job
  • Updated Mileage report to show subcontractors
  • Added ability to sort on previously unsortable columns on the Pre-advice add job screen
  • Added new column on the Unallocated Loads Screen for trailers
  • New address import routine which we can use to bulk import customers and addresses if required by the user
  • Changes to the Reference field for a Parent job now pass down to its leglets
  • All columns on Load Enquiry are now sortable, and date formats were changed to be more user friendly


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug which occurred when creating Route Templates
  • Fixed visual issue when switching from Template screen to Create Job screen
  • Fixed bug with roll backs where VUC and LYU movements were missing
  • Fixed issue with QuickBooks address countries
  • Fixed a timing issue on the Pre-advice screen where if two users were using it at the same time a job could be pre-adviced twice
  • Fixed an issue on the POD pdf which occurred when the description field was very long
  • Fixed an issue where amending job details of a job sent to a subcontractor didn’t send through the changes
  • Fixed bug with routing arrival times displaying incorrectly

New Features

  • Map Planner Improvements
    • New options when exporting loads including which drivers to export to
    • Improved visibility of loads already planned to drivers
    • Quality of life improvements relating to popups, depot colours, loading time and more
    • New ‘Plan to existing loads’ functionality
  • Scheduled reports can be automatically sent by email
  • Improved loading time of Unallocated Jobs screen and Job Enquiry screen
  • Multi-depot load planning without changing depot is now possible
  • User access of Templates can now be filtered by customer
  • Transport Only button can now filter subcontractors by depot
  • Customer records can now be set to ‘View only’
  • Leglets can now be assigned to different depots upon creation
  • New depot transfer button and user report
  • New pricing matrix for car movements
  • Added new column to Pre-advice screen to show MP codes
  • Not required jobs can now be reassigned by SWCs
  • Fuel surcharges now supports negative values

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where not all jobs were displaying on delivery notes
  • Fixed an issue where trunk loads were displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed a display issue on the holiday planner
  • Corrected a bug where certain jobs were showing at the incorrect location on the map
  • Fixed an issue on the uncharged jobs report
  • Fixed token timeout issue with QuickBooks online integration
  • Fixed bug on the Time Sheet report
  • Fixed issue with jobs on Customer Comms screen sending updates to handsets
  • Fixed an issue with Print Bulk POD on the load screen

New Features

  • Credit Notes
    • Credit note creation is now available
    • Add, remove or edit jobs from the credited invoice on the pricing screen
  • Route Time and Mileage calculation
    • Total time and mileage of routes created on the map planner are instantly viewable
    • Driver’s start location is shown and included in the calculation
  • Contextual Help – Clicking the help button now takes you to the relevant page in our help files, depending on which screen you’re on
  • Buttons on the load screen are now hide-able
  • Extra Assets can now be allocated against loads
  • New Resource column added to the CDC user report
  • Drivers hours from the app now integrates with time sheets in TMS
  • Bulk POD option added to allow printing PODs of all jobs on a load with a single button click
  • New unallocated job screen colour to indicate a job has been gated in / out
  • New ‘Approved Suppliers’ option for external subcontractor system
  • Extra man option can now be seen on the unallocated loads screen and Driver’s copy PDF
  • New column layout for the Inspector Time Sheets screen
  • Added estimated cost check when exporting to a subcontractor system
  • New functionality for the costing matrix, allowing multiple vehicle types
  • Grouped jobs can now be ungrouped on the unallocated jobs screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed display issue on trunk pre-advice PDF
  • Corrected issue with WebPOD date input
  • The ‘Interim’ tick box on the POD screen is now working as expected
  • Fixed issue with managed stops of a trunked job
  • Fixed issue with exporting loads to subcontractors without an address
  • Fixed issue with adding an extra man after the load has been exported
  • Driver dropdown is no longer reset when an extra man is added
  • Fixed bug with the Purchase Invoice screen column names
  • Warehouse pricing search function has been fixed
  • Amended an issue with generating an invoice preview of batched jobs
  • Fixed issue with adding half day holidays in the holiday planner
  • Fixed issue with colour coding of trunks on the load search screen
  • Fixed issue that appears when deleting an invoice preview report
  • Amended an issue with re-enabling locked accounts
  • Corrected error with the Quoted Jobs table not displaying properly
  • Job ‘Requirements’ now correctly transfer to subcontractor TMS’s

New Features

  • Developed integration with external vehicle movement app
  • Developed additional capability for the auto-pricing matrix
  • Enabled auto-sizing of columns in diary screen to improve visuals
  • Updated UAC report with job type
  • New options for the customer comms screen
  • Updated wording changes in error messages to reflect updates made to the load screen
  • Added option to export purchase invoice details to excel
  • Added new job-type column to the sub-contractor accrual costs report
  • Added ability to bulk edit addresses on the unallocated jobs screen
  • Added new movements on jobs for extra man additions
  • Improved functionality of import routine allowing pre-planned loads to be imported straight to unallocated loads
  • Updated trunk pre-advice print sheet to be in line with other printouts
  • Updated options available to plater drivers on the phone app
  • Improved clarity of POC and POD documents
  • Added menu auto-collapse functionality
  • Added integration of phone app time recording with TMS inspector work screen
  • Added additional options to the time sheet report

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with WEBPOD subcontractor POD input service
  • Fixed bug with logout inactivity timer
  • Fixed issue with updating times on inspector time sheet screen
  • Fixed issue with diary not clicking through to load screen
  • Fixed issue with syncing of pricing and POD screens
  • Fixed issue with trunk columns displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed issue with indicating availability via SMS
  • Fixed issue with updating master refs and instructions on leglets
  • Fixed import issue with importing inspect only jobs
  • Fixed bug on job creation screen of unselectable ‘booked’ tick box
  • Fixed issue with a sortable column not sorting properly
  • Fixed issue with interactive pricing not enforcing reference rules
  • Fixed issue with editing details of aborted and then re-loaded jobs
  • Fixed issue enabling adding of trunk jobs from other depots
  • Fixed issue on trunking screen relating to confirm trunk as loaded
  • Fixed issue on trunking screen occurring when user tries to cancel the load
  • Fixed issue with diary screen colours not updating for trunks
  • Fixed issue where subcontractor estimated costs were not sending to originator TMS
  • Fixed issue with a certain configuration of the app displaying erroneous job update messages
  • Fixed visual bug on the interactive pricing screen involving long customer names
  • Fixed column alignment error on invoice PDFs
  • Fixed issue with external integration – customers not carrying over properly
  • Fixed issue with loading of photos attached to jobs
  • Fixed alignment of columns on cancelled jobs manifest
  • Fixed update issue with aborted job costs not transferring to job
  • Fixed issue on traffic lights screen with empty list message being shown incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where driver resource option was incorrectly showing on diary screen