Track assets and inventory across your field operations. Ensure SWCs and partners have field supplies when & where needed.

Track and manage your assets and inventory through the entire logistics and field-works process. Manage field assets, spare parts and van stock alongside scheduling and warehouse replenishment. Visibility and control with serial number and drum traceability. Manage reverse logistics and decommissioning to drive efficiency.

Purpose-built for field operations

TrackTrans Assets is purpose built for new and upgrade field-based projects such as the roll-out of 5G infrastructure, fibre technology and utility upgrade projects to name but a few.

As a key module in the wider TrackTrans platform, TrackTrans Assets ensures your contractors, construction partners and field-based service teams always have the supplies they need in the field.

Optimise your field inventory management

Optimized for the complex, ever changing world of field inventory, TrackTrans Assets provides visibility of your inventory across multiple, distributed depots across warehouses & depots, temporary pop-up depots, in transit and in the field.

Straightforward management of full/part consignments and returns

TrackTrans Assets ensures complete visibility of critical assets and inventory as they are deployed into, or returned following decommissioning from, the field.

It delivers straightforward management of assets in the field with full inventory control and traceability including consignments and split consignments to item level, manages reverse logistics and returns following decommissioning, supports multiple depots and trunking, minimising the loss or misplacement of inventory.

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and errors

TrackTrans Assets streamlines the flow of information, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and reduce human-errors. Reduce logistics overheads, improve process coordination and maximise the use of resources through seamless integration with existing ERP/SCM systems.

Real-time updates for customers, contractors and you

Optimise customer service at every step of the supply chain and make error-free, on-time deliveries - every time.

Self-serve client-tailored info-hubs give your customers, contractors and partners real-time visibility allowing them to track and manage deliveries and receive real-time updates for you and your customers at the touch of a button. Further, paper-free proof of delivery and collection and automated invoicing minimises queries and improves efficiency.

Field management – on the go

The easy-to-use TrackTrans mobile app allows you to track this inventory and assets as it’s despatched from your regional warehouses, through their transportation to sub-warehouses and on-site depots, to their field deployment. Using smart-phone apps, field operatives scan inventory in and out, capture and share location-tracked notes, photos and videos, and – amongst other things - access delivery and returns reports.

Highly configurable and extensible

As a Cloud-based solution, TrackTrans Assets is accessible via most internet browsers, with simple mobile applications available for download - there are no heavy-duty installations with TrackTrans.

With pre-built workflows based on years of experience and with a highly configurable structure allowing TrackTrans FAM to be quickly tailored to your business requirements, it is easy and rapid to implement, offering rapid deployment that can have you up and running, often in a matter of days!

TrackTrans Assets – the right assets in the right place at the right time

See how TrackTrans Assets helps you manage your field assets: where are they? What’s their value? Can they be optimised?


Manage bulk call offs, site call offs, full and split consignments.  Track and manage authorisations and approval process. Automate the picking process based on customisable criteria: receiving, picking, packing and shipping of inventory.


Real-time tracking of field assets and inventory across regional warehouses, depots, trunking and on site. Visibility to multiple levels of SKU and varied consignment pack configurations. Manage product recalls, returns and decommissioned stock. Track inventory movement through mobile devices with scanning functionality.

Parts Pick-up and Drop-off

Pick assets from field warehouses and depots for use by contractor gangs on daily, weekly and flexible-term installations. Detailed consignment data, down to item level. Granular tracking of multi-level SKUs, pack configurations to pallet, carton, inner & item level plus full serial and lot traceability.

Reverse Logistics

Comprehensive reverse logistics for overstock, returns, faulty inventory and decommissioned items. Paperless proof of delivery and collection integrated across your SWCs, contractors and suppliers. Field-scanning for error-proofing. Granular transaction logs for visibility and auditing reduce asset loss.

Inventory Value

Track field inventory and assets, count supplies, maintain accurate valuations, create auditable reporting. Optimise field supplies with configurable minimum and maximum quantity ordering. Know the exact location of inventory and assets and its value in real-time.  Manage in field inventory usage through mobile app.

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