Electronic data interchange

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Speed up job input and improve data accuracy using Electronic Data Exchange with your customers. Our message hub is designed to communicate in most data protocols. Ideally web services (JSON, XML, for ‘live’ interchange) - or alternatively to import a variety of common file formats (.csv .xslx .txt files via our email service).



Ensure the accuracy of your address details, check the full address with Post Office Address File (PAF) and record the geo coordinates for accurate software routing and scheduling. Experian car checks can be made and any jobs failing validation are quarantined. The missing or incorrect details have to be updated before use in the TMS.

Manual input

Manual Input

Be it last minute additions after your customer has sent his electronic data for the day - or after someone has phoned from their car with an emergency request that they had forgotten to give earlier. There will always be situations where you need to create a consignment manually.