Auto depot allocation

Auto Depot Allocation

Use a pre–defined matrix of postcodes to allocate consignments to depots. TMS allows local depot postcode areas to be defined down to district level – RG6, LS12 etc. There are circa 2700 in Great Britain. TrackTrans’ setup can recommend the depot areas based on the quickest time to a postcode district.

depot pre-advice

Depot Pre Advice

Pre-advise other depots through the course of the day with details of the consignments that are coming and allow the remote depot to plan in advance. The pre–planned local routes can only be confirmed loaded and the drivers’ handsets updated, when the incoming trunks are unloaded.



Inter depot trunking manifests are generated by the auto-allocation process. Trunks can be loaded using exception scanning (the most accurate, alerting for loading errors) or blind scanning for high volumes and when speed is of the essence (less accurate, errors can only be rectified on arrival at the destination depot).