Live position display

Live Position Display

Track your drivers’ handsets ‘live’ on a map with details of speed and direction at each waypoint. Route details are stored (for an agreed time) on our servers and can be transferred at the end of the agreed period to your own storage for future reference. This can be invaluable in POD and incident disputes.

Navigation & traffic

Navigation & Traffic

Your drivers can now navigate to their next delivery at the click of a button; Sygic mapping and other options come integrated with the TrackTrans app. Use  Sygic truck mapping on the TrackTrans app, with weight and height restrictions, for directions across all of Europe. If Sygic is offline, the maps are carried on the handset - with no need for a data connection.

ETA's & SMS notifications

ETA’s & SMS Notifications

Using the route plans calculated by our software routing algorithms - or from the routes derived from the navigation software; ETA’s and SMS alerts can be generated live. SMS alerts are sent from our servers - NOT from the drivers’ handsets, thus ensuring that sensitive personal data is not held on the handsets.