Simplifying automotive auctions with a TMS

31 May 23

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent semi-conductor shortage, auto auctions have played an essential role in supporting the sale of used cars. With the chip scarcity set to persist until 2024, it’s likely that this retail method will remain significant in supporting the auto industry's continued recovery.

Auctions play a vital role in providing market liquidity and credible pricing for cars, enabling consignors to convert vehicles into cash quickly while maximising their investment return. These auctions also help dealerships satisfy customers by providing large selections of used vehicles and establish trust through strict standards and protocols set by the National Auto Auction Association. Additionally, auctions benefit consumers by helping determine true vehicle values through wholesale marketplaces.

Although numerous auto auctions rely on auto transport brokers to handle their shipping requirements, there are some drawbacks associated with this approach. A best-in-class Transportation Management System (TMS) with an integrated Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) can offer significant advantages to automotive auctions involved in shipping services.

By implementing a software solution, you can gain greater control over your shipping services and improve overall efficiency. In this week’s blog, we delve into the benefits of using a TMS for automotive auctions and why it’s worth considering for your business.

Saving money

For many auction houses, auto transport brokers facilitate everything related to the transportation of vehicles. While this is great in removing the burden of auto shipping from your shoulders, brokers are not perfect – they make mistakes and working with them can often be expensive due to hidden fees.

However, auto shipping doesn’t have to be overly complex – there are ways to simplify the process without involving any third parties. By utilising a TMS to handle transportation yourself, you can prevent the need for additional hires for managing transport. Using a TMS will save a good chunk of change in the long run, which could be used to go toward improving other facets of your business.

Better decision-making

Whether you’re sourcing automobiles from a supplier or dispatching them to a client – a TMS gives auction houses much tighter control over their auto transportation. A comprehensive software solution allows firms to effectively manage their transportation networks, optimise routing and select the most cost-effective carriers based on their specific needs.

By improving efficiency, a TMS can help streamline the transportation process, allowing auction houses to manage the movement of vehicles more effectively to and from their facilities. This can result in shorter cycle times, reduced transportation costs, and improved on-time performance.

Increased customer satisfaction

A TMS provides real-time visibility into the transportation process. Auction houses can track the movement of vehicles, monitor delivery status and identify potential delays or issues that may impact delivery schedules. This bridges the gap between the auction and the transporter to seamlessly handle the delivery.

The visibility provided by a TMS also translates to greater customer satisfaction as buyers can quickly see where their vehicles are while in-transport. By digitally enhancing transportation processes, auction houses provide faster delivery times and more accurate delivery estimates, thereby improving customer service.


Overall, a TMS can help automotive auctions improve their transportation processes, reduce costs, and provide better service to their customers. Acting as a centralised location for business data, you can assess the overall effectiveness of your shipping services – thus giving you the capability to make necessary modifications to enhance performance.

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