Safer Internet Day: Secure Your Business with a Cloud TMS

08 Feb 22

Safer Internet Day is observed every year on the second day of the second week of February, with an aim to provide safer and better internet, without the threat of data leaks. To achieve this goal, everyone is encouraged to use the world wide web responsibly. 

The event, which is celebrated in around 15 countries across the world, once again celebrates the theme of “together for a better internet”. Whether we use iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox; Cloud-based applications have become key in housing our sensitive information – from financial documentation to family photos. 

As we become ever more reliant on online data servers, it’s certainly sensible to question the safety of your Cloud-hosted files. Thankfully, with state-of-the-art security systems, the information stored in the cloud is likely to be more secure than files, images and videos saved on your own devices. 

Still not convinced? Read on to learn more about how the Cloud is making the internet a safer place. 

How safe is the cloud?

When compared to most on-premise systems, Cloud companies utilise far more robust cyber security measures to protect sensitive data. The servers are usually located in warehouses that most workers don’t have access to. Alongside this, all reputable Cloud service providers ensure that your data is always stored in an encrypted form; this means that they are scrambled, which makes it far harder for cybercriminals to access. 

In the case of a Cloud-based TMS like TrackTrans, software professionals are consistently updating their security measures. This means that you won’t have to worry about forgetting to run an update, or employing an IT expert to constantly maintain your servers. 

The bottom line is: if you host yourself, the problem is in your hands. If you work with a Cloud-solution provider, they are there to solve any issue. Leave the laborious task of keeping your system up and running with tech experts, whilst you focus on doing what you’re best at. 

Fully GDPR Compliant

Make your experience on the internet safer and only use trusted software. The question is; how can you determine the reputability of a digital application? Start by checking if your desired solution is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant – a company that follows this EU established protocol gives individuals more control over how their data is collected, used and protected online.  

TrackTrans is a great example of a fully GDPR compliant Cloud-based TMS. We only work with the world’s leading Cloud-hosting providers who offer built-in data security to protect your business from intrusions, theft and attacks. Our ePOD mobile app does not store any personal data such as customers’ phone numbers, helping protect the privacy of your clients.

At TrackTrans, your privacy is of the highest importance and we pride ourselves on achieving a fully GDPR compliant operation. It is our number one priority to safeguard your data and protect privacy rights.

Recognised by the International Organisation for Standardisation

The ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) helps to facilitate global trade by establishing common standards across various countries. TrackTrans have been recognised by the organisation, having received both ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 – these standards ensure that our products and services are safe, reliable and of the best quality.

The ISO 9001 certification indicates that a product meets the organisations requirements and specifications when set against an abundance of procedures and policies. This includes documenting revisions, FIFO, test equipment control, calibration and defect analysis to ensure customers get consistent, high-calibre products. Lastly, TrackTrans submitted a mission statement that clearly discussed the three C’s (customer satisfaction, compliance, and continual improvement) – this was the final piece in a long process that enabled us to attain the prestigious certification.

ISO 27001 is an international that sets the standard for a security management system (ISMS) and focuses on protecting three key aspects of information: confidentiality, integrity and availability. Implementing and maintaining an ISMS helps you secure information in all of its forms – in relation to TrackTrans, this is applicable to the digital information stored in the cloud. It also greatly increases attack resilience by keeping staff well informed of risk and ensuring that the business is able to respond to the evolving security threat landscape. 

To attain ISO 27001 certification, TrackTrans’ physical access controls, firewall policies, security staff awareness programmes, procedures for monitoring threats, incident management processes and encryption regulations were compared against 114 controls. This thorough examination allows users to relax when using our TMS, WMS and ePOD software, knowing that your data is in the safest of hands.

Protect your workplace today

Cloud storage is designed from the ground up for maximum data security. When you store data in the cloud, your files are encrypted and continuously monitored to protect against cyber security threats. Your data is also stored redundantly to ensure that a copy will survive any catastrophe.

Alongside being instrumental in ensuring a safer digital working environment, a Cloud-first solution like TrackTrans, offer considerable savings on your company’s IT costs. With our team handling almost everything tech-related, there’s no need to purchase, maintain and manage expensive servers and infrastructure. 

Best of all, TrackTrans operates on a SaaS model, which means that you only pay for what you use in the month. There’s no up-front capital cost and the monthly subscription is typically paid from your operational budget, helping improve your cash flow and deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI).

Reach new highs by sending your business into the Cloud. Try our free demo and get started today!

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