How Smartphones Have Transformed Supply Chain Operations

08 Jul 22

Since the 1970s when it was first introduced, mobile equipment has come a long way. Modern technology, particularly smartphones, have significantly changed the world around us - giving individuals and businesses access to information at the mere swipe of a screen. 

With the widespread accessibility of mobile technology, more and more transport managers are understanding how smartphones can benefit their operations. When paired with a powerful software solution, portable hardware can improve consistency, accuracy, save time and enhance customer satisfaction.

Enhanced mobility

With the help of smartphones, businesses can refine teamwork and enhance dialogue with consumers. Give your clients full visibility using a Transport Management System (TMS). With software installed on your driver’s phones, your clients can track the status of their consignments live – keeping them informed throughout every step of a journey!

Employees who work remotely – for instance, HGV drivers – can now be reached instantly, thereby improving workplace communication and enhancing productivity. Create, allocate and export jobs to handsets – you can also receive live electronic Proof Of Delivery (ePOD) all from one application.

Improved Data Flow and Accuracy

Traditional operations relied heavily on paper-based processes. These would often be misplaced or ended up incomplete, incorrect and illegible. Smartphones have replaced traditional paper-based processes and linked virtually everything to a business’ software system.

Mobile apps and forms have minimised the possibility of human error and enabled the collection of data and automated measuring of relevant metrics. A TMS eliminates costly mistakes, allowing you to send complete and accurate job details to your driver’s phone and receive live updates.

Precise Location Tracking

Nearly all smartphones come with GPS that enables the real-time tracking of every lorry in your fleet. This technology aids in preventing transportation delays, controlling client expectations and creating backup plans when needed. This degree of precision and transparency guarantees effective supply chain management.

Transport management software features real-time handset tracking, which allows you to make your drivers your best asset. Never lose sight of your personnel and always know the most efficient route with GPS navigation, journey planning and traffic alerts.

Effective Inventory Management

Logistics encompasses much more than just the basic movement and delivery of goods; it also includes the effective management of warehouses. Mobile applications make it easy to track the quantity and location of items, enabling you to verify the inventory against a comprehensive database.

Stock levels may also be continuously updated in real-time with a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to guarantee that inventory and purchasing procedures are optimised. This cuts down the operational costs and improves accuracy with a better workflow.

Using the Smartphone Camera

Mobile devices are fast replacing bulky scanners and warehouse managers from around the world use mobile technology to track the movement of goods within their facilities and on the road. As smartphones have a camera, they serve as a user-friendly version of the barcode scanner.

When it comes to proof of delivery, the camera can be utilised to prove the arrival of an item. Of course, consent should be obtained and customers should be informed that the photograph would be deleted once email confirmation of safe receipt has been received.


Smartphone applications are endless, right from traceability and basic visibility through the warehouse management and order solutions to the transportation management systems. As brands like Apple and Samsung continue to produce more advanced portable technology, the supply chain of the future is likely to be very mobile (and smart).

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