Do HGV Drivers Feel Undervalued?

02 Oct 21

The haulage industry has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic - ensuring our country’s survival and safety; maintaining a consistent supply of medical necessities and other essential goods such as food and beverages.

However, as we remain in midst of the lorry driver shortage, it’s evident that many find the profession unappealing. The past two years have exposed the flaws within the industry, resulting in many leaving the profession – or simply avoiding the occupation all together. 

The question is; do truck drivers feel undervalued – and, if so, how can we improve work satisfaction and consequently reestablish HGV driving as an attractive career option? 

Unsung heroes

A recent survey by CameraMatics has revealed that 50.4% of British and 40.6% of Irish truckers have said that they don’t feel appreciated. This figure was somewhat lower in the USA, with only 36.5% believing that their efforts are disregarded by the government and general populous. 

Many within the industry insist on downplaying their role as a ‘key worker’ –  determined to draw a distinction between delivery drivers and frontline care staff. An Irish HGV operator commented; “we are still doing our job. Its not like we are going walking into a COVID-19 ward with no PPE on us.”

Multiple drivers have complained about being disqualified from priority shopping, designated to other key workers. One particular UK haulage worker stated that he was unable to obtain the necessary food for his family after working a 70-hour week delivering to supermarkets. 

Challenges ahead

Despite the Prime Minister’s appreciative statements at the start of the crisis – many drivers fear that as we leave the pandemic in our rear view mirror, the important role played by the logistics sector will be forgotten for the sake of political expediency. If the fuel supply crisis of the past week has taught us anything, it’s that hauliers are crucial in the movement of our economy.

Businesses are learning to treat drivers fairly and make them feel valued. Whether this means boosting pay, regulating hours or offering signing-on bonuses, it’s important that the industry pulls together to show its support for the sector’s lifeblood. 


At TrackTrans, we believe it is crucial that drivers are recognised and appreciated for their fantastic work – not just in the midst of this pandemic, but afterwards; when the dust has settled and a normality fully returns to our lives. 

TrackTrans offers transport management, electronic proof of delivery, handset tracking, traffic navigation, vehicle checks, a reporting system and much more; accessible anytime – anywhere! The speed of recovery will be the determining factor in securing the public’s real appreciation; start by getting your business back on track today!

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