Software routing

Software Routing

TrackTrans uses 5 different algorithms depending on the particular circumstances. Provided the consignment data address information is accurate, the calculation time is 10s of seconds – fast enough to be used in real time! Driver and vehicle details are recorded at setup, with availability maintained by the holiday and maintenance planners.

Manual input

Manual Input

For lower job volumes selecting jobs from an ‘unallocated jobs’ list can be as fast software or map assisted planning. The job list can be sorted by multiple columns, for example Post Code and Delivery due date to refine the list and selecting the relevant jobs allows them to added to a route in one transaction.

Drag & Drop map planning

Drag & Drop Map Planning

Where software routing is a sledgehammer to crack a nut; our drag and drop map planner allows you to ‘visualise’ consignments on a map and build routes on screen. It is also useful for sense-checking software created loads and last minute changes that may arise when the route plans are nearly set.