General Haulage, Transport & Logistics

Go Paperless, No more whiteboards!

TrackTrans TMS & ePOD was designed to solve the everyday challenges thrown up in a busy transport office. Since 2000, we have been adding functionality to cope with every possible scenario in the non-stop, unpredictable world of transport management.

Engineering, Contract Works & Mobile Workforce Management

Full cycle engineering work management including stock in and out of warehouse, returns and decommissioning of equipment. Starting with job import & job creation, through to allocation and planning of jobs with full visibility right through to job completion, returns and stock levels.

TrackTrans TMS, WMS and ePOD system has been used to manage installations, upgrades and maintenance for the infrastructure powering the telecoms industry for the past 15 years. The system records all stock levels and locations for management reporting. In addition, it allows the work to be distributed out to a network of subcontractors whilst still remaining visible to all parties.

Vehicle Logistics – Transportation, Collection, Delivery & Inspection

Specifically designed for businesses that work in the movement and management of vehicles. TrackTrans can schedule, distribute & complete vehicle collections, deliveries and inspections. Custom designed ePOD forms can be used to complete the work including information relating to all peripheral items, defect reports and safety information required to transport vehicles both old and new.

Designed to work with single and multi-vehicle transporters, as well as platers and inspectors, TrackTrans TMS even manages driver availability with a simple sms system. Messages are sent to all drivers to confirm availability allowing planners to compile a schedule via the unallocated jobs screen or the visual map planner.