Instant communication

Signature Capture

Sign on screen and reduce those piles of paper with instantly viewable online ePODs. Collect GPS locations and timestamps with the POD. You can even upload pictures for full transparency and details of delivery. Automate the sending of PODs to your customers to keep them up to date and nip POD issues in the bud.

Go paperless

Customisable Forms

Many businesses have the need for specific information to be recorded in a Proof Of Delivery. Use delivery note forms that fit your business, flexible configurable options mean your drivers and customers only see what they need to. Include driver edited graphics to detail any areas of damage when collecting or delivering vehicles.

Barcode scanning

Label Scanning

Bar Code scanning is integrated in the TrackTrans app. Checking the completeness of loading and unloading by consignment. Confirming the accuracy of PODs by scanning individual package labels. Supporting the operation of a fixed network of depots and the internal exchange of consignments between them during the trunking process.

Driver Utilities

Your drivers are your most valuable asset. Our utilities help make it easier for them to comply with the rules that govern their activities. Keeping timesheets and vehicle check sheets is a thing of the past.

Handset Tracking

Never lose sight of your personnel again with GPS tracking. See your drivers’ locations on a map overview in real-time, and view their previous movements as a ‘snail trail’ daily.