Order entry

Create complete jobs with references, extra requirements, instructions, dates/times and many other details or, receive jobs from your customers electronically through our EDI Interface.

• Manual - Simple and quick to enter essential information
• Ideal for use in conjunction with 'in house' ERP systems
• Maintained Customer, Staff, Vehicle, Subcontractor, collection and delivery address lists cut down key strokes and enhance accuracy

Routing and Scheduling

Table sorting, colour coded diary screens and advanced date/time criteria allow jobs to be organised and scheduled with the minimum of fuss.

• Colour coded diaries screen shows live reports of arrivals, problems and completed deliveries
• All tables can be sorted and organised by your criteria
• Organise by area, size of load, date/time, etc...

Load creation

• 'Own fleet' - allocate loads to vehicles, trailers and drivers
• 'Subcontractors' - allocate loads to subcontractors
• Communicate load instructions direct to vehicles and subcontractor systems via the TrackTrans 'Message Hub'

Status update/POD

• In-cab solutions allow Driver’s to return POD’s, signatures and other status directly from their mobile phone*. Ideal for ‘Own fleet’ and ‘owner drivers’.
• Subcontractors can update status and POD information via a web interface on the TrackTrans 'Message Hub'.
• No systems interface required, just an internet connection and web browser - everyone can cooperate
• For larger subcontractors a simple XML interface to the TrackTrans 'Message Hub' gives 'real time' status and POD information


• Purchase orders – send the agreed rate for jobs along with the job information
• Self Billing – costing system uses purchase orders to pre approve third party invoices
• Purchase logging – record purchase invoices on arrival at your premises before distribution to the operators. Eliminate nasty surprises.


• Price jobs and Invoice customers by date, batch reference or purchase order
• Prepare detailed schedules to support summary financial invoices
• Optional integration with QuickBooks
• Integrate working time information with your payroll system

Reporting and Searching

• Search by dates, address, driver or any other aspect of a job/load
• Custom reports – Choose your own headings and report on any aspect of a jobs status. Reports received in spreadsheets format to allow full editing and manipulation

Special reports for:
• Progress chasing – check for status and POD information against ETA’s and ETD’s
• Subcontractor costing and Gross Profit details
• Vehicle, trailer and driver utilisation
• Unpriced, un-costed and un-billed jobs

Working Time and Hours recording

• Record working time against drivers and extra men.
• Record warehouse hours against customers/warehouseman and invoice out with other work
• Holiday book allows annual leave, sickness, maternity leave etc. to be recorded. Holiday chart lets you view leave/sickness at a glance and plan for potential staffing shortfalls and


Maintains lists of:
• Users
• Contacts
• Employees
• Vehicles, etc...

System Architecture

• SQL database backend
• Browser based application
• Android, iOS and Windows compatible apps for handheld smartphones
• 'Message Hub' XML based

Service Options & Charging

• Hosted service on a 'Pay As You Go' basis - no up front costs - no long term contract.

Screen Shots

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